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About Us

The Global Activists Awards (GAA) is more than just an annual event, we are a movement! We are dedicated to honoring individuals who are fighting for changes in our nation's approach to civil rights, gun reform, LGBTQ+ rights, victims and surviors of human trafficking, and domestic violence. We also champion environmental change and other issues relevant to our time. 

Activists come in many forms, being the person you see facilitating the protests and rallies, while others are your school guidance counselors. It takes a lot to be an advocate for change and equality. Fighting for the change that is deserved is extremely hard and time consuming. We want to make sure that for each and every person who is out there on the front line fighting for our nation, is recognized with the utmost respect. 

The idea to honor those most deserving in the communities, comes from Pulse Nightclub Survivor Tiara Parker. Since the tragedy of the shooting and the loss of her cousin Akyra Murray that night. She has dedicated her life to change the system on common sense gun reform and LGBTQ+ rights . Joining Tiara on this journey is Benita Price, a LGBTQ+ rights activist and Sexual Education Teacher. She believes our communities deserve way more than just a line in a paper for a week, and is here fully for the fight! 

 Each and every day Activists take risks for what is right and never really get the proper recognition that they deserve. That is why the GAA is so important to our nation, we deserve to be heard. But more importantly we deserve peace and equality. The journey for change isn't going to be an easy trip, but we know it can happen and we can do it. THE FIGHT IS GLOBAL!

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