Tiara T. Parker


Tiara Parker - A multi-talented Philadelphia native who has a passion for the beauty industry as a makeup artist.  Although makeup artistry is her first love, fighting for change is a part of her as well. Tiara is a survivor from the Pulse Nightclub Shooting that occured on June 12,2016 in Orlando, FL. 

That night Tiara lost her 18 year old cousin Akyra Monet Murray who was also the youngest victim of the 49 angels that night. Akyra was well on her way to stardom after she graduated at the top 3% of her class receiving a full ride to Mercyhurst College for basketball. She scored over 1,000 points at West Catholic High School. She became a legend. 

Since that night Tiara vowed to make sure her cousin's name was remembered each and every day. Fighting for common sense gun reform, working to get the right people in office who care about the people and their communities, Working with the local community organizations to spread love and awareness, speaking at places like the National Constitution Center, and more. She is determined to change the world's approach to the amount of gun violence that has occured since Pulse in 2016. 

Each and everyday Tiara picks up her makeup brush she finds ways to combine the beauty industry with being an activist.  She says “ I don’t know how I do it, but I can see that I am making a difference”. 

Benita C. Price


A sexologist in Philadelphia. With a long history of sexual education, activism and facilitation, she decided to obtain her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality and Sexual Education at Widener University. Her activism may not always be on the front line, but you can always count on it being present in her classroom. Benita’s passion lies with working within communities of color, to ensure equity and quality in comprehensive, sex positive, sexual education. She plans to continue to go into the communities and teach comprehensive sexual education with tools that have been made by people of color, for people of color. Her main focuses include, but are not limited to: building a strong sense of community amongst communities of color and to help individuals build a positive image of self by recognizing their own views and values. In the past Benita has worked with the Philadelphia Area Sexual Health Initiative (PASHI) department at Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), and many other organizations in Center City Philadelphia such as, the Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP), The Attic, The Mazzoni Center and Colours Inc. To learn more about the things she is doing, feel free to contact her.