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No Justice No Peace: Breonna Taylor

On September 23rd, 2020, The federal court has made on a final decision on the shooting of Breonna Taylor. The grand jury has decided to charge only one of the three officers with three counts of "wanton endangerment", and the maximum sentence for those charges are only 5 years per count. Each count came from the apartment occupants in a different unit. In the other unit were a Pregnant woman, her husband, and their 5 year old child who were not harmed by any of the bullets fired in Ms. Taylor's Apartment.

According to several news outlets, the other two officers involved in the shooting will not be facing any charges or let go from their current positions as officers. It was determined that the fatal shot that killed Ms.Taylor was fired from one of the officers on the scene.

A great disservice has been served to our community. All, but 1 of the killers of Ms. Breonna Taylor have walked free. We are not only disappointed, and angry, but our hearts are broken. They are broken for Breonna Taylor. They are broken for Kenneth Walker. Our hearts are broken for the Taylor Family. Firstly, this was not a case that should have been seen by a grand jury, it should have to gone to a regular jury. The evidence and the facts about this case are a no-brainer and should have been treated as such. We know that if the roles and skin colors were reversed, there would have been NO hesitation about indictment of the officers involved in the shooting. What do we tell our black and brown children, students, and youth to do when they are in an emergency, when we all have the fear of being killed by the police for doing absolutely NOTHING. This is not acceptable. Living in fear is not a way to live.

Secondly, this is just another of the COUNTLESS example of how this country and justice system feel about the many minority lives that occupy all 50 states in the US. So when do change the narrative? When do we come to a point when enough is enough? How many black and brown lives have to be lost, at the hands of police, before laws are changed, bills are passed and there is actual “liberty and justice for all”?

Thirdly, how much unrest in our communities is the government willing to tolerate? What is the government going to do when unrest becomes our permanent state and new normal? How many times do cities need to be, damn near, burnt to the ground? How many times does the WORLD need to protest before our voices are heard, which then provokes change? WE ARE TIRED! We are tired of being silenced. We are tired of having to protest unjust legal matters that are supposed to be handled in the court of law, a system in which black and brown people were NEVER protected. We are tired of being afraid. We are tired of becoming hashtags. We are tired of being another face on a t-shirt. We are tired of becoming just another name in a long list. We are tired of fighting for something that should already be implemented, if going based off of well known American documents and legislature, such as the Pledge of Allegiance, the American Constitution, the National Anthem and so much more. We are tired of being told to accept the world we live in when it doesn’t have to be this way. We are tired of the prayers and sympathy. WE WANT ACTION. WE WANT CHANGE. WE WANT JUSTICE. REMEMBER, THE FIGHT IS GLOBAL!!!!!!!!!

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