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Pride Fund Speaks Out Against NRA Fraud

"Dissolving the corrupt, dangerous, and extremist NRA organization will end an illegal scheme led by the NRA leadership to enrich themselves and push an agenda that leads to the deaths of nearly 40,000 Americans each year. I believe this would end a corrupt, criminal enterprise and improve the public safety of our country," said Jason Lindsay, Founder and Executive Director of the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, an LGBTQ political and advocacy organization focused on gun reform started in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. As quoted from "Metro Weekly" in light of NRA lawsuit brought by NY Attorney General Letita James.

To learn more about the NRA Fraud case please check out -------->>>>>>>> Washington Post

To learn more about about Jason and Pride Fund, Click Here

Congratulations to Jason for standing up for the communities when it comes to gun violence and using your platform to make a change. Remember, THE FIGHT IS GLOBAL!

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